Cupping therapy, yes please.

Where did cupping come from?
Cupping is a Chinese tradition that has been dated to well over 3,000 years ago. Using animal horns as “cups”, this treatment was originally used to help remove toxins from the body such as the venom from snake bites or the “bad blood” from skin lesions.
As time went on, the animal horns were upgraded to bamboo, and later to glass cups.

The Chinese found several uses for cupping including their utilization during surgeries to help divert the blood flow from the surgical site, and even the placement of cups over women’s breasts post-pregnancy to help with inflammation and lactation dysfunctions.
As the years progressed, cupping developed into more of a therapeutic remedy helping to treat a variety of 
So, how does it work? 

When injuries are present deep within muscle tissues, bleeding and edema is often present and blood circulation is stagnant. This leads to pain, dysfunction, and, if left untreated, chronicity and worsening of the condition.
The negative pressure created by cupping al
lows the skin to be drawn into the cup, helping to increase the circulation of the once stagnant blood flow. Blood and other fluids (lymph, old cell debris, pathogens, toxins) are brought to the surface of the skin, away from the site of injury in the deep muscle tissue, allowing healthy circulation to be restored to the damaged area and quicker recovery to be achieved. 

Cupping will likely leave marks/bruising on the skin, which is a normal and expected response. The discoloration indicates that the stagnated blood and other fluids have moved away from the deep tissue and the site of injury towards the surface.
What are the different types of cupping?
Dry cupping uses boiled water or fire to expel the air and create a negative pressure, sucking the cups onto the skin.
Wet cupping, also called Hijama, involves about five minutes of dry cupping followed by making small incisions in the area(s). The cups are then reapplied to the affected site and blood is drawn out of the tissues and into the cup.
Massage cupping, also known as glide cupping, utilizes massage oil or lotion which is applied to the affected area followed by the cups. The cups are then moved over the affected area causing a myofascial release.
What are some benefits of cupping?

Famous people swear b
y it!
Olympians around the world have been displaying more than medals on their bodies lately – they have also been displaying dark, circular bruises from cupping sessions used to help recover from muscle soreness. Michael Phelps along with other world recognized Olympians aren’t the only ones benefiting from cupping however. Professional, college, and even high school athletes as well as celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kaley Cuoco have been reaping the benefits of this Chinese medicine as well. More and more people from all walks of life have been trying out this therapy, and you should too!

-Melissa Trost, DC

Dr. Melissa Trost Dr. Melissa Trost was born and raised in the small northern town of Priest River, Idaho. From there, she attended the University of Idaho where she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Soon after, she moved to San Jose, CA to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic where she earned her doctorate in chiropractic.Dr. Melissa enjoys a variety of activities. She is happiest when she is outdoors exploring all that nature has to offer. She enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, traveling, and trying new things. Dr. Melissa has always had a passion for exercise, nutrition, and overall health and wellness. This personal passion of hers has guided her to not only provide chiropractic services here at Restoration Healthcare, but to run our exercise and rehab department as well. Her favorite philosophy is to get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

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