Frequently Asked Questions Here at Restoration Healthcare



How soon after my treatment will it begin working? The truth is, right away! Because the Wharton’s Jelly source of stem cells and matrix has so many components that are anti-inflammatory, some of our patients have experienced immediate relief. In the weeks after injection, the stem cells begin to go to work and people start noticing less dysfunction, more relief, and sometimes some cool side effects in other areas where the cells are working.

How many treatments will I need? 

That will be up to you and your body, but initially just one visit will get you on your way to healing! Occasionally people will desire further effects after the first year and will come back for treatment. Others will see the amazing results in one body part and decide to treat another joint. But some people have such incredible results that they only need to come once.

Does insurance cover regenerative medicine?

Yours might. Regenerative medicine has many tools that can be used, and some are covered by some insurances. We always provide a benefits check with our complimentary consultation so that you know exactly what to expect!


Does it hurt?

It feels very similar to any injection you’ve had. We numb the skin where the injection will be to reduce the pricking sensation. Our patients normally report minimal pain during treatment, and nearly zero pain after. 


Where do your stem cells come from?

We get our cells from FDA regulated biotech labs. All of our cells are from the United States and have been vigorously tested and came from donors who participated in the program for 18 months. The cells have been cryogenically stored and are minimally manipulated, providing the highest quality and cell count.


What our patients say:


“Stem Cell treatment at Restoration Healthcare in Coeur d’Alene changed my life. I was nearly an invalid, thinking my life was going to be full of pain. After my treatment I started feeling better immediately. The effects have continued for months and have gotten better and better! My neck pain and headaches are gone, my arms work like they’re supposed to, and my overall inflammation has gone down to almost nothing.”                   -R.L.


“I didn’t imagine that I would have such amazing, such fast, such varied results from Regenerative Medicine treatments! I suffered with a condition for years that I was told I was just going to have to manage as best I could. After one treatment, all the pain was gone and hasn’t returned. I even got side benefits like no more headaches which wasn’t what we were treating, but somehow those cells knew to help. I’m so thankful I tried this.”    -B.P.


“The office is beautiful, calm and relaxing. The providers are so knowledgeable and treated me like a partner to get me better rather than talking down to me. My husband noticed I’m not taking ibuprofen or tylenol anymore and I’m enjoying time with my grandkids more than ever!”   -K.D.

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