Replace, Regrow, Regenerate In Beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


Replace, Regrow, Regenerate In Beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

By Dr. Jana Hull

Our bodies are so powerful. Inside each of us are the components needed to heal ourselves. Every day we are besieged by viruses, bacteria, free radicals, environmental stresses, injuries, and more. But somehow our body knows just what to do to repair itself. However, as we age, our ability to do those repairs diminishes.

Regenerative medicine aims to work with your body to do what it’s been doing all along! 

We have had great advances in the field of regenerative medicine over the last few years and chances are, some of the things you may have heard, are no longer accurate. We use safe, ethical, effective treatment methods to ensure you the best experience in healthcare. 

The body’s regenerative process requires a dynamic healing environment made up of growth factors, cytokines, scaffolding, hyaluronic acids, mesenchymal stem cells and chemokines. So in the event of injury, the body relies upon more than just a stem cell. It needs the team work of many cells and proteins to help start or aid the regenerative process and get it where it needs to be. That’s where we come in, replenishing what the body needs, where the body needs it, to better maintain the whole. Some of our products come from Predictive Biotech, whose cells are FDA-compliant and sourced from the rich Wharton’s Jelly layer of the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid and amnio tissue from healthy, full-term donors. We believe that by leveraging these vibrant, biologically-young sources we can find new ways to work with many conditions for many patients. Predictive Biotech’s products are meticulously handled every step of the way. Carefully collected from thoroughly screened, full-term birth tissue. Minimally processed to preserve what’s valuable. Then cryogenically frozen in their own FDA-registered lab. They're so insistent on the highest standards for handling, they even provide us with cryotanks in our office so that when it’s time for a patient to get treatment, we ensure optimal quality of each product.


If you’re interested in solutions for conditions such as:

Back or Neck pain

Shoulder Pain/Tennis Elbow

Hip Pain

Knee Pain



Auto-immune conditions


And much more…

If you’re looking for treatments that don’t include drugs and surgery, we may be able to help!

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