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  • 5 stars

    "I received mesenchymal stem cell therapy about a two years ago. I worked at UPS for 28 years and have had a lower back pain for quite a few years. I have had a neurologist even suggest I needed surgery. I did not want surgery so I just dealt with the pain. This meant dealing with daily pain. My regimen every morning was heating pad, TENs unit, Ibuprofen, gabapentin and stretching. This made it tolerable but never completely resolved it. If I twisted wrong, I would feel a "pinch". After this "pinch" I could count on being off my feet for weeks. I could look forward to doctor's visits, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and more medications. About one month after receiving my stem cell therapy, I was able to quit the daily heating pad, TENs unit, ibuprofen and gabapentin. When I overdo it now, it only takes about an hour of rest and the pain subsides. I am no longer terrified to do something as simple as bending over to grab things or tie my shoes. Stem cell treatment has changed my life."



    5 stars

    "I hurt my low back at work October 2018. The pain was so excruciating that I could not even get out of bed for two weeks. I had to lie flat on my back and needed assistance to roll over or get out of bed to go to the bathroom. After 2 emergency room visits, I was put on opioids, muscle relaxers and a steroid. These did not even touch the nerve pain running through my lower back down my leg to my toes. After two weeks of not being able to get out of bed, I received stem cell treatment. The next day I could finally stand by the edge of the bed. The following day I could walk around our house. The next week, I was able to return to work. I remember thinking to myself before the stem cell treatment I did not know how I was going to even live with this level of pain. I cannot even tell you how blessed I was to receive this treatment that completely changed my outlook on life."




  • 5 stars

    "Starting in my teenage years, I was having excruciating headaches usually at least 6 times a month. After being assessed by three different neurologists and having multiple imaging tests, they came to the conclusion I was having migraines.  They could not find a reason for them, however. In fact, they all had different medication recommendations that carried multiple dangerous side effects. I remember at one time, they thought I was having mini strokes(TIAs). These migraines limited my life to having to plan my entire life around them. I could not plan anything long term just in case I was to get a headache. I have a young son and this made it very difficult to plan time with him. It was hard to work or even drive when I would have one. Here I was a young man, and enjoyment in life was severely limited by these headaches. I received stem cell therapy two years ago. I have not had any migraines since I received the stem cell therapy. I am now able to spend time with my family, travel, work and plan long term goals for my life. I cannot tell you how much it has improved my life."




    5 stars

    "Two years ago, I received stem cell therapy hoping to reduce the chronic pain I was having in my right shoulder due to tendonitis. I was constantly in pain and had no range of motion. The procedure was simple and I experienced no adverse effects at anytime before or after the procedure. Shortly after I received the stem cells, I was no longer experiencing pain in my right shoulder, my range of motion was completely restored and nearly 2 years later I am still pain free. An added benefit is that it also relieved the pain in my wrist I had been experiencing for sometime. I would highly recommend stem cell therapy to anybody looking to improve their quality of life." 

    -J. G.

  • 5 stars

    "My experience with Stem Cell treatment was life changing!!! It helped with many issues I was experiencing. My blood pressure and heart rate have both improved incredibly allowing me to be taken off of a blood pressure med. My BP and heart rate are better and more consistent than ever before and I had a heart attack and by-pass at age 42.

    I have also had great improvement in my shoulder, which I was told 2 days before stem cell, that I needed surgery. I can easily lift and rotate my shoulder with little to no pain, which happened within hours after treatment!!!!

    I had severe pain in both butt cheeks and could barely walk without extreme pain. I now have none!!!!

    We loved working with Tana and Nick...they were extremely informative and answered our many questions!!! They both genuinely cared about me and my results!!! I’ve also never experienced such amazing and caring follow-up after treatment!!!!"


    - Dave W